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Assembly of Turn Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB) used within the Medical Industry

Turn Flex Printed Circuit Board for the Medical Industry

TCS Electronics manufactures turn flex printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for use in a medical application. Manufactured from polyimide with FR4 stiffeners, we began with a customer-supplied print.

In making turn flex printed PCBs, several steps were involved. To prepare the panel, we placed Kapton tape over the gold fingers, and loaded boards in a surface mount board carrier. Configured using surface mount technology, the PCB was assembled using pick and place methods. Depaneling was done using a die cutter to separate the boards, and first piece, manufacturing, quality, and final inspection were conducted at the appropriate times.

The PCB, once complete, weighed .010 pounds. Throughout manufacturing, the tightest tolerance we upheld was .030mm. When all standards and specifications had been met or surpassed, we packed the PCB units in nested, conductive vacuum-formed trays and delivered them to our client.

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Product Description This Turn Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is used within a Medical application
Capabilities Applied/Processes Panel Preparation
  • Place Kapton Tape over Gold Fingers
Load Boards in SMT Board Carrier
Screen Printing
SMT-Surface Mount Technology
Pick and Place Assembly
  • Using the die cutting press singulate the boards
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Custom Preparation Fixture
Hudson H-Series Cutting Press
DEK 265 Screen Printer
Conveyor Driven Washer
Magnified Black Light
Juki 760
Vitronics XPM2-520 Reflow oven
Magnifying Light
3 Volt Power Supply
Custom Computer-Controlled Test Fixture
RS-232 Communication Cable
Tightest Tolerances .030mm
Material Used Polyimide With FR4 Stiffeners
In process testing performed First Piece Inspection
Manufacturing Inspection: Inspect 100%
Reference Customer Drawings and Bill of Materials
Check Each Panel for Correct Placement and Polarity of
Installed Components
Record any Defects
Quality Inspection: 20% Sample Inspection of Each Rack
Final Inspection:
Inspect to customers drawing and IPC-610 standards
Verify "First Piece Inspection"
Note any Defects on the Inspection Plan
Verify Polarity
Estimated Part Weight .010lbs
Industry for Use Medical
Packaging Conductive Vacuum Formed, Nested Trays
Standards Met Customer Supplied Print ANSI/IPC-CM-770 Class 3
IPC-S-815 Class 3
ANSI/IPC-A-610 Class 3
Product Name Turn Flex Printed Circuit Board (PCB)