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PortfoliosPrinted Circuit Board Assembly for the Medical IndustryPrinted Circuit Board for the Networking IndustryTurn Flex Printed Circuit Board used within the Medical IndustryUltrasonic Flex PCB
for the Medical Industry
Back Flex Assembly PCB Board for the Medical Industry


About TCS Electronics, Inc.

TCS Electronics, Inc. is a full service Electronics Manufacturing Solutions provider. From Prototype to Full Production, TCS Electronics, Inc. can meet all of your needs and exceed all of your expectations. Contact your local Rep to find out how you can put TCS Electronics, Inc.'s manufacturing services to work for YOU!

TCS Electronics, Inc. manufactures and supports electronics products by managing a complex global supply chain and by continuing to provide a quality product on time and in a fashion that best supports the needs of our customers.

TCS Electronics, Inc. has more than 16 years experience providing sourcing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and support solutions for customers on both a national and an international level. The company's facilities are all ISO 9000 compliant and UL and CSA certified. All manufacturing process are certified to IPC 610/620 Class II by default, and Class III by request.

Leading edge manufacturer of high reliability assemblies for the Military, Commercial, Test & Instrumentation, and Medical industries

A provider of innovative electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and supply chain solutions to world leading electronics and technology companies across a broad range of industries, TCS Electronics, Inc. is committed to helping customers improve their operational performance and profits.

By choosing TCS Electronics, Inc. for your manufacturing and product fulfillment processes, we allow you to concentrate on the core competencies of your business. Your staff will be free to focus on the true sources of differentiation such as; new product and technology development, improved time to market, and enhanced customer relationships. Our customers get an end-to-end product solution without incurring excessive material costs, redundant transactions, high labor rates, and fixed capital expenses for infrastructure in non-core areas such as equipment, facilities and manufacturing.